Eric Siu | Creating the Ultimate User Experience | The Wolf's Den #84

This week, JB sits down with marketing master, Eric Siu, to discuss the most effective and impactful marketing & sales strategies you can implement in your business right now. Eric is a rock star entrepreneur, the CEO of ClickFlow and Single Grain, and the host of the massively popular podcast, Marketing School. If you're interested in ramping up your marketing and sales tactics, and really, who isn' need to check this episode out.

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Topics Include:

•Creating the ultimate customer experience

•Optimizing your marketing & sales funnels

•How to get high-ticket clients to come to YOU

•The best way to build an audience

•Seeding and sprouting your content to increase reach & generate touch-points

•The massive value of SEO, enriched data, & CDP platforms

•Biz ops and affiliate marketers

•Tips for starting your own podcast & the future of voice marketing

•Why customer feedback is "the best drug in the world"

•Inflection points in Eric's life

•JB's Straight Line Hiring

•Why COVID is motivating some entrepreneurs

•And a TON more, this show is absolutely jam-packed