In this very special podcast, Jordan interviews none other than Agent Coleman, the very same man who busted him and sent him away to camp back in the day, as seen in the blockbuster feature film, The Wolf of Wall Street.

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Only Agent Coleman is no actor, and the stories he tells are real. These two former adversaries -- turned good friends – dive right in and discuss how the whole cat and mouse game between them actually went down, how JB avoided prosecution (for a while) and who some of the other players were. They then segue into everything from Hillary's emails, the existence of The Deep State, how Coleman was banned from the entire nation of Russia, James Comey, The Trump scandal, and much, much more. This is one podcast you cannot miss! In the immortal words of Johnny Utah – not to mix movie metaphors – "I am an F...B....I..... Agent! And I order you to check out this podcast for your own high quality edutainment!!!!