Jon Najarian - The Wolf's Den #82

The Wolf of Wall Street meets Wall Street's Option Shark. In this jam-packed episode, JB sits down with Jon Najarian (ex-NFL athlete and the expert's expert on investing) to give you a masterclass in finance. 

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Topics Include:

•The upside of trading options vs. trading stocks

•Straightforward investing tips for beginners (& seasoned pros)

•How to follow the "smart money" to financial success

•The insider tax loophole that major players are exploiting right now

•Globalization's effect on "Main Street America"

•The massive economic impact of the upcoming election

•Market Rebellion – Jon's online program on trading

•How to shrug off when people want you to fail

•The genius of Satoshi Nakamoto

•Bitcoin & the future of cryptocurrency

•JB + Kanye West

•And a TON more


JB sums up their advice best: "Don't hold onto losers." Guys, if you want to learn to make (a lot) more money in the market, and who doesn't, do not miss this one.