Dave Rubin | Why the Media Profits From Lying to You | The Wolf's Den #98

Listen, my podcast isn’t about politics. I generally like to focus on business.

But one of the core aspects of success in business is keeping your eyes open to all the facts. That means listening to information that is both good and bad for your company so that you can make the best possible decisions.

And one thing that I’ve noticed about our politics is that this is not happening.

The facts are being ignored.

America has been divided into two separate audiences, receiving two separate streams of information. It’s a disaster.

So with that in mind, I scheduled an interview with Dave Rubin, host of  The Rubin Report, and one of the greatest advocates for free speech and open debate that I have ever known.

This is a podcast about the truth, and why in recent years, the media has deliberately deceived the nation for its own benefit. 

Whether we vote the same or think the same doesn’t matter to me at all. I have my views and I respect yours. What matters to me is that we get back to a place where we can all think and speak freely, and have an open debate without name-calling, cancel culture, or riots. 

So if you’re a little frustrated with the system or if you think the country could do better -- this is the podcast for you.