Fox News Today: Jordan Belfort Explains How He Is Solving The Unemployment Crisis

LOS ANGELES (September 15, 2020) - As Congress continues to be at a standstill over a second coronavirus stimulus bill, Jordan Belfort appeared on Fox News’s Bill Hemmer Reports to explain his private sector solution to the unemployment crisis. 

“Gridlock is kind of regular business for Washington,” Belfort said about the government’s inaction. But he added that, “there are lots of jobs out there for people” and his new company, Straight Line Hiring, specializes in matching those people with open roles in sales.

Though Belfort has long toured the world as a sales trainer and motivational speaker, he, like millions of other Americans, experienced a radical disruption in his career due to COVID. Because of this, Belfort said that, “I decided to make a pivot… I went into the recruiting business and I’ve been taking people and retraining them in how to become salespeople.”

Currently Belfort and his company Straight Line Hiring are on pace to train 10,000 people for sales jobs in the next 12 months and match them with employers. 

“I probably used my PPP loan better than anybody out there, because I took that and created tons of jobs,” Belfort said.

Watch the full segment on Bill Hemmer Reports below:

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