Always Be Closing (ABC)


“A-B-C. Always be closing.”

You’ve probably heard this phrase in the movies. Alec Baldwin made it a household term in the classic film, Glenn Gary, Glenn Ross.

Well, that line didn’t come out of nowhere. There’s a very large amount of truth in it, because if you’re going to be a top-producer, you’re going to need to close a prospect multiple times to get the order. Unfortunately, for most salespeople, “Always Be Closing” means jamming your product down a prospect’s throat, ignoring their objections, and just acting like a jerk. The truth is, that’s now how this works at all.

Closing sales starts from the very first conversation you have with your prospect. It’s about the questions you ask, the rapport you build, your tonality as you respond to objections, and your ability to quickly loop back and show more value as you ramp into your second, third, and fourth closes. This is the true art of sales. And in today’s White Board Wednesday, I am going to go through this in exacting detail. Everything you need to know about that old cliché to “Always Be Closing” in one short video for you, right here.