One of the biggest, most common lies that people tell about sales is that there is just one key secret to suddenly becoming a top-performing millionaire. Of course, selling is a lot more complicated than that. Great salespeople are masters of many skills, but there is one that I want to talk about in today’s White Board Wednesday that is absolutely indispensable. That skill is tonality.

Tonality is one of the most powerful practical abilities that you can master. And when I talk about tonality, what I am referring to is the awesome power of the sound of your voice. See, persuasion isn’t just about picking the right words – it’s also about how you say them. Understanding and controlling for this is a huge part of your craft as a salesperson.

Someone who has strong tonality is well on the way to mastering the art of unconscious communication. They know how to communicate emotionally with a prospect, and they are tapping into the part of human beings that causes us to make gut decisions. This is the type of persuasion that creates emotional certainty in your prospect. And you will never close at a high level without learning how to create an emotional case for your product that is just as strong as the logical case.

Now, you must be very careful. Tonality is a powerful tool. Once you master it, you must promise to always use it ethically.

Watch this White Board Wednesday and begin your path to mastering this massively crucial component of unconscious communication.