the turnkey solution for transforming your salesforce into a highly motivated team of top producers

2x your closing rate, generate massive referrals & cut your sales cycle in half

Sales Training Reimagined

Straight Line Sales Corporate is a fully interactive, robust online sales training program. With over 75 easy-to-learn lessons, hundreds of hours of immersive video, and industry-specific coaching, it’s the closest thing in the world to being trained by Jordan Belfort live, in-person, and one-on-one.

Manager Reporting

To ensure your salesforce is always performing at their peak, our interactive corporate training program gives you the ability to monitor your entire team on your Manager Dashboard. See who’s completing the exercises and passing the quizzes. Who’s getting ahead. And who’s falling behind. It literally puts your team’s progress right at your fingertips.

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Script Building

Straight Line Sales Corporate teaches you and your sales team how to build the perfect sales script in a few simple, yet groundbreaking steps. And it’s fully actionable. Your team will be able to take your polished, new script and punch it into your business – on the same day.


State-of-the-Art Interactivity

Using a proprietary learning algorithm, Straight Line Sales Corporate enables you and your salesforce to interact with Jordan -- using best-in-class education practices like exercises, quizzes, and tests -- to have a truly customized experience. Giving you and your team the ability to absorb the training at a dramatically accelerated rate.

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