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The world's #1 sales trainer, best selling author, and iconic Wolf of Wall Street has a solution to handpick, train, and place elite sales talent at your company

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Straight Line Sales Graduates have been shown to 8X their employer’s average first-year closing rate.


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With Straight Line Hiring, Jordan Belfort recruits top sales talent, trains them to a razor’s edge, delivers them to your company, and continues to coach them for 90 days.

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After a proprietary screening process, Straight Line Hiring trains you to master the legendary Straight Line System, places you in a high-paying sales job with a respected, fast-growing company, and then continues to mentor you for 90 days to ensure your success.

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Straight Line Hiring is a unique, end-to-end solution that takes every resume, every interview, and every training session off your books. We’ll handle all of that using a proprietary system that no one can match.

BenefitsStraight Line HiringAll The Rest
Jordan Belfort's star power to attract top talent?
Platform of 1.8 million followers?
Proprietary Wolf Network to source experienced talent?
College Ambassador program to source new talent?
Scientific process to screen the top 1%?
Behavior analysis for all candidates?
Proven Straight Line Sales training?
Customized training modules for your industry?
90 days of mentoring for all hires?
Ongoing access to Straight Line training modules?
Pay for performance business model?
First-year closing rate boosted by 800%?

Why Straight
Line Hiring?

Hire the right talent. Get the right results.

Fast Facts:

  • 64% of first-year sales reps miss their quotas
  • 80% of companies miss annual revenue targets due to poor salesforce performance
  • $75K is the average cost per salesperson who leaves within the first 12 months
  • $200 billion is the annual cost of salesforce attrition in the U.S.
  • For any company looking to scale, this status quo is the equivalent of taking 3 steps forward and 2 steps back, every…single…day.

With Straight Line Hiring, Jordan solves those pain points by personally handpicking the best sales talent, training every salesperson with the Straight Line System, delivering them to your company, and then continuing to mentor them for 90 days, ensuring strong first-year job performance and minimum attrition. So your company can achieve the growth and scale you deserve.

About Jordan Belfort

In the 1990s, Jordan Belfort built one of the most dynamic and successful sales organizations in Wall Street history. During that time, he soared to the highest financial heights, earning over $50 million a year, a feat that coined him the name The Wolf of Wall Street" -- later immortalized in Martin Scorcese's Oscar-nominated film.

Today, his proprietary Straight Line System allows him to take virtually any company or individual, regardless of age, race, sex, educational background or social status, and empower them to create massive wealth, abundance, and entrepreneurial success, without sacrificing integrity or ethics. He has taught the Straight Line to salespeople all over the world and has implemented its practices at companies large and small.


Just knowing I’m going to have a new training video everyday when I wake up from a mentor like Jordan is amazing. It not only motivates me but builds my belief in myself and my skills. And the weekly trainings are clarifying and taking my knowledge of the straight line to another level.


I want to thank JB for my success. Six years listening every single day to JB starting in 2013 right after his movie. I am semi-retiring. The company I worked for gave me 3 doing away parties. Why? Because I wrote so much business. I am now self-employed and nailed 5 contracts. The magic is the SL program. Minus the swearing, haha!


Started the weekly training and daily motivations…I’ve been busy as hell and like it! My attention span sucks like most folks. Some people who make their own ”Sale Systems” just really don’t get sales. This is real and more interesting! Keeps my attention.


Straight Line Hiring

The world's #1 sales trainer, best selling author, and iconic wolf of wall street has a solution to handpick, train, and place elite sales talent at your company.

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