Top talent, recruited, Straight Line certified by Jordan Belfort, and trained in what you are selling.

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Delivering Great First-Year Job Performance For All New Hires 

64 percent of first-year sales reps miss their quotas.

80 percent of companies fall short of their annual revenue targets. Our method allows for you to have access to top sales talent who start performing on day 1. We have streamlined the onboarding and training process, when you get sales people from Straightline Hiring they are already trained on how to sell your product, allowing your company to convert quicker.

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A Dependable Source Of Talent For Companies To Grow With

We’re so sure they’ll succeed that for the first 90 days, we promise to replace any hire that doesn’t work for you.

There’s no current way for companies to hire large groups of salespeople that ensures strong first-year performance and a low attrition rate. Straight Line Hiring is the answer. We provide companies with an end-to-end hiring solution that recruits, trains, and delivers top-producing salespeople on a volume basis, and then we continue to coach them for the first three months to ensure success. 

The World’s Best Training -- The Straight Line System 

Jordan Belforts sales training and eye for talent has allowed him to help hundreds of companies obtain the sales force needed to meet aggressive revenue targets. 

Companies that hire large groups of salespeople have a major issue with poor first-year job-performance. This leads to massive attrition, which impedes a company’s ability to grow, and can cost as much as $75,000 per rep to offset. Jordan will fix this problem by picking the ideal candidates for your company and giving them the world’s best training — the Straight Line System — which is trusted by companies like P&G, Toyota, and Marriott.

Acquire the Right Sales Talent

No one knows more about the science of sales than Jordan Belfort. Straight Line Recruiting is uniquely positioned to help identify and attract top sales professionals.

Our one of a kind search process provides us with limitless access to top sales performers who want to sell Our extensive interview and onboarding process gives us the ability to filter through top talent and narrow down to the top 1%.