Film Your 1-minute Video to Start Training with the Wolf of Wall Street

Use the script provided to show us why you’re the perfect candidate for Jordan Belfort’s Sales Certification

Submit With 3 Easy Steps


Download Script

Download the script. Make sure you print it or display it on a device other than the one you’re filming on.


Tape Yourself

Commit the script to memory and nail the delivery. Once you’ve done this, record yourself reciting the words as persuasively as possible.


Submit Your Video

When finished, upload your video through the link below.

The Script

My name is ____, and I am 100% destined to be a top sales producer. I will work harder. I will dial the phone faster. I will knock on more doors. I can handle more rejection. I am the most resilient, hardest working person you will ever meet, and I have an intense desire to be rich.

I remember always wanting to be the best at whatever I did. It’s my own personal standard that I hold myself to. I know I have what it takes, and if you give me this opportunity, I will promise you, I will break through any barrier, any obstacle, and I will learn anything that needs to be learned. I will not stop until I am one of the top sales producers at my company. Period

Here Is A Good Example Of What We Are Looking For