The Ultimate Guide to Achieving The Life Of Your Dreams

Look no further because the answers to your financial woes lay right here. Everything you ever needed to know about being a world-class closer and top producer in your field has been neatly packaged into Jordan Belfort’s Straight Line Sales Certification program. This interactive program is a culmination of over 30 years of Jordan’s professional experience coupled with relevant industry research and its purpose is this: to ensure your financial success and guide you to a happier and more fulfilling life.

What makes Straight Line Sales Certification different?

It’s simple. There is no other sales certification program that even comes close to the value that Straight Line Sales Certification offers. Jordan Belfort is known as the world’s #1 Sales Trainer and for good reason. He has acted as a consultant for Fortune 500 companies and continues to share his expertise worldwide. His success story has been recounted in the blockbuster film, The Wolf of Wall Street, starring Leonardo DiCaprio and directed by Martin Scorsese. 

Not only would you be receiving training from the most successful and notable sales trainer in the world, but you will also be using the best interactive technology to fuel your knowledge. While other sales training courses may lack in engagement, Straight Line Sales Certification uses state-of-the-art interactivity, a new technology that keeps you captivated while you learn.

The Straight Line is the only system in the world that covers every aspect of the sale. What to say, when to say it, and most importantly of all, exactly how to say it, from the first word out of your mouth until you close the sale. This special diploma-based sales training system will give you the resources and tools you need to be in control of your wealth and ultimately, your life.


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Straight Line Sales Certification

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Course Description

Why Straight Line Sales Certification?

All good things start from within. The Straight Line Sales Certification is your ticket to achieving unimaginable success by providing you personal guidance in your sales journey. You’ll learn about the 5 core elements of the Straight Line, as well as how you can completely align yourself to this system. This powerful program will encourage you to conquer your external obstacles while helping you change your perspective so that you can overcome any internal limitations that come your way.

Learn at your own pace. This certification breaks down everything you need to know in small, digestible segments with additional tools and resources for the optimal learning experience. You’ll master the art of the outer and inner games of sales with the help of hundreds of hours of valuable content, as well as exercises and quizzes to reinforce your learnings. 

Since the birth of the Straight Line System over 30 years ago, Jordan Belfort has traveled the world perfecting his craft and educating the business world. This expertise is now available to you. It doesn’t matter if you’re a sales representative, manager, or CEO because the Straight Line Sales Certification offers something for everyone. You’ll uncover different perspectives, ideals, and sales secrets at every step of your sales journey. 

And if you have zero experience in sales, there’s no better time than now to start. Why? Because sales is not necessarily just about closing (though this program will teach you exactly how to do that)! It is about expanding your mindset and exploring yourself and the world around you. Sales is really for everyone. Take a second to consider it. You’re selling your thoughts, talents, and abilities every single day. Just think about the countless interactions you’ve had this past week, month, or year! The art of selling, whether it be a product, service, or yourself happens every single day. You have the power to change your life. What choice will you make?

Course Breakdown

  • 1
    Module 1
    Cracking the Code

    Let’s start with the basics. Module 1 provides you an overview of the main psychological and technical elements that are necessary to close a sale. You’ll learn about the 5 critical elements that need to align to successfully close any prospect. Additionally, you’ll be introduced to the structure of a straight line sale, the psychology behind a prospect’s buying decisions, and how to tap into those insights in a way that will increase your success rates.

  • 2
    Module 2
    Unconscious Communication

    You’re constantly communicating, whether or not you realize it. This unconscious communication, also known as “the secret weapon of influence” is a powerful tool you can leverage to your benefit. You’ll learn about the importance of the first 4 seconds of the sale, what needs to be established, and the importance of it all.

  • 3
    Module 3
    State Management

    We’ll teach you how to use the Straight Line System at the highest level. You’ll be able to raise your awareness about the importance of state management as well as be prepared to manage your physiological-emotional state during the sales process. Remember, successful salespeople know how to maintain consistency throughout all forms of communication.

  • 4
    Module 4
    Advanced Tonality

    Let’s dive even deeper. This module will provide you with an in-depth understanding of the first of the dual linchpins of unconscious communication, tonality. Furthermore, you will begin the process of mastering the practical application of each of the 10 core influencing tonalities.

  • 5
    Module 5
    Body Language

    Learn about the other linchpin of unconscious communication, body language. You will learn the importance of body language and how it profoundly affects the outcome of a sale. After this lesson, you’ll know how to use body language to build massive rapport on both a conscious and unconscious level.

  • 6
    Module 6

    Here, you’ll begin the process of mastering the art of sifting through a large pool of prospective buyers so that you can easily recognize the most qualified ones. Learn how to ask questions in a way that gathers insight while also building rapport with you.

  • 7
    Module 7

    This module will give you a step-by-step strategy for harnessing the power of vision focus. Learn how to combine the two crucial competencies of vision and focus into one core prowess. Create a compelling target to aim for, and ensure that you don’t become distracted by the obstacles that you will encounter along the way.

  • 8
    Module 8
    Script Building

    There’s an art and science behind constructing world-class straight line scripts. This is one of the most crucial aspects of mastering the Straight Line System. You’ll be guided through Jordan’s famous script-writing process. We’ll be breaking this down into easy-to-digest steps so that you can extract all the value with none of the stress. You’ll soon be able to construct the ideal script that is sure to set you up for success.

  • 9
    Module 9

    Understand your own personal standard. You’ll learn how to identify standards as it pertains to your sales success. We’ll teach you an extremely effective process for raising your standard with the goal of making it mirror your vision for your future.

  • 10
    Module 10

    Master the art of looping, which is what we call the “secret sauce” to the Straight Line System. Learn how to take your audience’s worries and flip the script. You’ll be able to increase your prospect’s confidence in your product or service and then seamlessly transition into a conversion, while maintaining rapport.

  • 11
    Module 11

    Beliefs are powerful. They impact decision-making, whether it be good or bad. We’ll guide you through an extremely powerful process that will give you the assets to overcome your limiting beliefs and replace them with ones that empower you.

  • 12
    Module 12
    Customers for Life

    Lastly, you’ll discover a series of proven strategies that will dramatically reduce customer attrition and turn first-time buyers into customers for life. We’ll break down a 7-step process for developing a never-ending stream of customer referrals.

Innovative Technology

Straight Line Sales Certification uses the latest interactive technology to allow you to achieve the same kind of results that in-person training provides, but with online convenience. Studies show that your retention rate decreases over time without engagement. That’s why our interactive training platform has a highly advanced learning algorithm that allows you to answer Jordan’s questions in real-time. It then uses this information to generate a response that is specific to your situation, thus customizing your learnings and keeps you engaged.

Proven Content & Resources

This program also includes access to Jordan's famous Script Builder and Rebuttals Guide. Two powerful tools will give you the guidance you need to master the art of sales and persuasion.


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