The original blueprint that started it all…

The 1989 Stratton Oakmont Manual is a 74 page document that needs no introduction, but here’s one anyway.

Jordan Belfort is a household name that we are all familiar with today because of his entrepreneurial ventures on Wall Street, coupled with his charming and persuasive personality. His life story inspired the award-winning film, The Wolf of Wall Street; a movie that has showcased the highs and lows of unimaginable wealth and fame.

A crucial part of that story is Stratton Oakmont. When Jordan founded the firm, he was faced with many challenges, one of which was training less-than-qualified employees to close sales quickly and easily. And so the Stratton Oakmont Manual was born. This all-encompassing guide acted as a framework that would eventually guide Jordan’s employees through every twist and turn of the sales process.

And now it’s available to you! The Stratton Oakmont Manual covers all the components of a business. Learn about the basics of a business, how to steadily grow your brand, and most importantly, how to build confidence and trust with your customers.

The Stratton Oakmont Manual has changed thousands of lives and it’ll change yours too.    


Stratton Oakmont Manual

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