Six Reasons Why Veterans Make Top Sales Performers

A lot of you know that I’ve been massively scaling a new company called Straight Line Hiring. If it’s your first time hearing about it, Straight Line Hiring is where I’m actually taking a step back and handling the entire process of building companies’ salesforces for them. That means recruiting, training, and delivering great people on a volume basis.

Now, one of the biggest problems people have when they’re hiring for sales is -- how do you know who’s actually good? Because going to Harvard really has nothing to do with whether or not you can close at a high level and keep your mindset positive after getting hung-up on by 100 straight prospects.

That type of mental stamina usually comes from a different type of recruit -- one of my favorite types of people to hire for any sales organization: military veterans. And time-after-time, the results I see from former service members just blow away anyone else.

Why is this?

I’m not a scientist. I really can’t say for sure. But here are six reasons I’ve noticed over the years:  

  1. Veterans are the most disciplined people on the planet. Tell them to make 200 phone calls a day, and they will hit those numbers every single time;
  2. Veterans understand teamwork. Closing at a high level as an organization requires cooperation between roles and ranks, just like an infantry company or a ship’s crew does;
  3. The armed forces are extremely diverse, which means that veterans know how to relate to any prospect they encounter;
  4. Veterans are detail-oriented. They understand the value of following a process, and using it to execute at a high level;
  5. Veterans accomplish the mission. They’re extremely determined, and will get the job done, whatever it is, every single time;
  6. Veterans can function under pressure. When you think about it, a sales manager is a total cream puff compared to the Taliban. 

Whatever the case, my company, Straight Line Hiring, is putting thousands of veterans to work right now and looking for thousands more. Hiring the right ones is the first step towards building a dynamic sales organization. If that sounds like you, you need to apply for our program right here:

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