Why Artistic Genius is Nothing Without Business Prowess

Hung-up in my living room is a massive photo that my favorite photographer, David Yarrow took of me -- the Wolf -- with a few wild animals. It’s below:


Now, would you believe this: David spent $145,000 to get this shot, and he sold it for a massive profit on the backend. And that’s why this podcast that I just released with him is one of my all-time favorites because when most people think of creative careers like his, they think that the business aspects are the least important. 

I live in Los Angeles and I hear it all the time from Hollywood people -- “make good content, and the money will find you”... and that is just 100 percent false.

Let’s get real. There is not a business in the world that doesn’t require you to ASK FOR THE ORDER. And Art is no different.

Art is a Business. And Business has rules. David is known worldwide for being a leading photographer, but what allows him to flourish is that he is an even better businessman. He understands how to create value in his work and target the right buyers for each photograph. Actually, when I think about it, David is just as much of a Straight Line salesman as I am. 

The bottom line is, this podcast is critical for anyone who aspires creatively, either as an entrepreneur or an artist, because David has a rare vision for understanding the risk/reward of every shoot he goes on, in terms of money, creativity, and life-and-death risk.

In my day, I’ve dealt with a lot of tough customers, but never a pissed-off hippopotamus who was out to kill me. I’ve been in some shaky situations, but never nearly drowning in the Arctic Sea while some killer whales circled. And I’ve come up with some very clever lead magnets, but stopped short of smearing chocolate on my sleeves because it’s a great way to get a whole gang of polar bears to gnarl their teeth at point blank range.

Whether you are launching a business, learning to paint, or just plain curious, this podcast is a MUST.


Listen Here: