To Master Entrepreneurship, Master Pivoting

If you want to become a high-earning entrepreneur, then you must become a MASTER OF PIVOTING.

A Master of Pivoting is someone who can experiment with new business ideas and rapidly identify which ones are going to be profitable, which ones are going to be losers, and which ones have billion-dollar potential.

My friend Dan Fleyshman has been doing this his whole life. And his most recent venture is clearing a serious amount of cash by doing something that you’ve probably joked about at some point in your life: selling old baseball and Pokemon cards.

Yes, Dan is the guy who is selling those trading cards you threw away 20 years ago for $10,000 each. 

Now, the point of this podcast isn’t to tell you that you should be competing with Dan. Dan has many businesses in addition to this one. 

The point of this podcast is that there are smart ways to experiment with your hobbies and business interests; and if you learn the principles that we discuss, then you too can become a Master of Pivoting. Then you will be on the path to earning massive financial rewards from the business ideas that other people have overlooked.

The bottom line is, every business is going to require you to adapt rapidly. This is your playbook to becoming the Master Pivoter who can do this and reap the rewards. 

So listen to this podcast, get creative, and get started.