Vets: How You Can Go from NCO to CEO

One of the great things about being a salesperson is the constant exposure you get to exciting people worldwide who want you to participate in their success. Sometimes, you find these business leaders in big, extravagant cities like Los Angeles, where I live; or maybe in Sao Paolo, Brazil, where I was just a few weeks ago. To be honest, you kind of expect that. Big cities are money magnets, and people who live in them tend to want to make a lot more of it.


But other times, you find really great business leaders in places you don’t go to quite as often -- like Huntsville, Alabama, where this week’s podcast guest, Colin Wayne, has a massive e-commerce and manufacturing company called Redline Steel setup.


Now, if you’ve been paying attention to my every move lately, you know that I’ve launched a big project to get veterans jobs, and was just on Barstool Sports talking about it. As we speak, I’m training veterans in my Straight Line Hiring sales bootcamps -- no pun intended -- and putting them to work in high-paying jobs all over the country. And the thing that’s really special about my veterans jobs program is, I’m prioritizing enlisted men and NCOs -- and not officers with flashy bars on their epaulettes. 


Colin Wayne, this week’s podcast guest, is the perfect example of why. Colin was a Staff Sergeant in the Army and a Purple Heart recipient. Since exiting the service, he’s built-up a company in Alabama called Redline Steel that is close to $100 million in annual revenue. 


I am in no way surprised by this. Like I said in my last blog, veterans’ discipline, attention to detail, and determination is a winning formula for sales leaders time-after-time. 


I truly believe that all enlisted men and non-commissioned officers can be just as successful as Colin, because I’ve seen it happen a thousand times before. In many ways, sales is like the military: with the right training, you will become a world-class weapon. The only difference is, when you train with me, your weapon is persuasion. This also means that you need to learn important ethical constraints too, because my Straight Line System is too powerful to be used for the wrong purposes. Do not make this mistake.


So if you are a veteran or an active duty service member approaching your transition, this is a great opportunity to start your civilian career at maximum speed. Click here to meet with one of my recruiters. 


And for some inspiration that EVERYONE can get behind, you need to listen to my podcast with Colin Wayne, and hear his story of going from wounded in Afghanistan, to fitness model, to one of the country’s top young entrepreneurs in just a few short years. For all you enlisted men who want to be executives — Colin is going to tell you the secrets to getting there.


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