Create a Vision for Your Future | Free Sales Training Program | Sales School with Jordan Belfort

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Have you ever asked yourself what you want, where you want to be tomorrow, and why you want to be there? You must. The truth is, every salesperson wants to feel empowered, feel like their lives have meaning, and to be successful, but success does not just fall from the sky and jump on you. So how do you go about it?

In this episode of Sales School, JB emphasizes on how to create a vision for your future with steps which include:

  • Aiming at the future and why you must get there.
  • Knowing the differences between goals and vision, how to work with them, and how it affects your future.
  • Ways to set your goals and achieve them.
  • Why you must have a personal vision for your future, how to create it, and how to achieve it.